01 April 2009

Boulder County, Colorado Mining Camps

Balarat - North of Jamestown, the site of the Smuggler mine. The post office application was submitted in 1879 and was to serve 125 residents. This camp had miners' cabins, a boarding house, post office, and school. (1-2N-72W)

Cardinal - Southeast of Caribou, this camp was platted in 1870, and two years later it reportedly had 200 inhabitants. When a post office application was submitted in 1904, the population was "about one hundred". (10-1S-73W)

Caribou - In a letter to the Rocky Mountain News, dated 15 July 1871, the location of Caribou was described as "Close under the snow line, twenty miles west of Boulder City, and four thousand feet higher - north of Central City and about one thousand feet above it - in the center of a rich gold and silver district, a bright cluster of seventy buildings of but little over a year's growth..." A post office application was submitted that year, to serve the 400 residents, who endured a very brutal winter environment. Nothing remains to mark the spot. (8-1S-73W)

Copper Rock - Copper Rock, located between Wall Street and Sunset in Four Mile Canyon, it was named as early as 1873, but a true settlement did not occur until January 1892 when there was a rich strike in the Orphan Boy mine. This boom town lasted only a couple of years. Today, a single cabin remains. (22-1N-72W)

Crisman - Established in April 1875 with the name Camp Tellurium. A year later, after learning that there was already a Colorado town by this name, it was changed to Crisman, after Obediah Crisman who built a mill at the camp. In Four Mile Canyon, a few homes remain. (20-1N-71W)

Eagle Rock - According to the Colorado Banner of 27 January 1876: “Persons who have traveled up [Boulder] canon know that the real beauty thereof begins just before reaching the narrows. A large rock to the left, bare and rugged with variegated colors, standing as a sentinel at the narrows, is the beginning of the grand passage of the canon. This rock has been named Eagle Rock because on its top an eagle reared its young for six successive years.” The Eagle Rock Post Office application was filed on 25 April 1876 by William Bomberger who operated the Eagle Rock Hotel. The camp of 80-100 people was located in Boulder Canyon on the route to Caribou. (31-1N-71W)

Eldora - This mining camp was originally named El Dorado until post office confusion forced them to shorten it. The Daily Camera reported on 4 May 1897: "In speaking of the town of El Dora, Mr. M. D. Morrison says that business is very quiet there owing to the controversy for the right of the land on which the town stands, and many are contemplating the removal of the town in the event of the victory of Mr. Kemp. Until the matter is finally settled, very little will be done." Most of the early cabins still stand, and the Gold Miner Hotel offers visitors a place to stay. (20-1S-73W)

Frances - A mining camp located south of Ward. Settled circa 1894 and originally called Dew Drop after a mine. The name was changed by 1898 to Frances, named for Frances Daniels, the daughter of the Big Five Mining Company's President. At that time, there were 200 people living in or near the camp. (12-1N-73W)

Gold Hill - Established in 1859 near Gold Run, the creek in which gold was discovered by the "Nebraska City Boys". The settlement was destroyed by fire in October 1860, and rebuilt down the hill to the southwest, next to Gold Run. Many pre-1900 structures built at the second site still stand today. There is an elementary school, general store, and restaurant still in operation. (12-1N-72W)

Jamestown - Often known as "Jimtown", and located thirteen miles northwest of Boulder on James Creek. In 1860, George Zweck had a cattle ranch at the site. In the mid-1860s, when gold was discovered in the area, prospectors descended upon the valley, and the settlement became known as Elysian Park. The residents applied for a post office to serve the 400 inhabitants, in 1866. They wanted the name, Jimtown, but federal officials returned the application with the name Jamestown instead. (24-2N-72W)

Lakewood - The application for a post office for this settlement, located two and a half miles north of Nederland, was submitted in 1912. Named after Chauncey F. Lake, this was the location of the Primos Mill, the largest tungsten mill in the world during World War I. Foundations of the mill are still visible on the west side of Peak to Peak Highway near where it intersects with Boulder County 124E. (6-1S-72W)

Langdell - Named after John Langdell who arrived in Four Mile Canyon circa 1876 with his family, and built a boarding house at the base of Poor Man Hill. There were no businesses, no school, and no post office; and after Langdell's boarding house burned down the name quickly faded into oblivion. (27-1N-71W)

Magnolia - Boulder News 7 January 1876: "Magnolia and the Waggoner Camp were unknown as mining ground until mid-summer, yet that section is now regular bullion producing, and towns springing up where there was nothing but a long lonesome hill, and unclaimed pastures and forests a few months ago." Magnolia had a grocery store, assay office, dry goods and drug stores, three hotels, ore mills, and a post office. In 1896, the population was 175. (5-1S-71W)

Nederland - Settlers lived here as early as 1861. At an altitude of 8,067 feet, it was a much more hospitable environment than nearby Caribou, at 10,000 feet. This helps explain why the first Caribou Mill was built near the mine at Caribou, but the second was built in 1871 at "Middle Boulder" (an earlier name for Nederland). When the Caribou mine and mill was sold to a Dutch company, they renamed the town Nederland, meaning "low land". This mining camp still exists with a thriving business district, though only limited mining is done in the area.(13-1S-73W)

Orodelfan - A camp at the mouth of Four Mile Canyon, established in 1865 following the construction of a sawmill. The camp was first known as Maxwell's Mill, then Hortonville, Hunt's Mill, and Orodelfan in 1876. "Oro" is probably a derivation of "ore", and “delfan” from the Old English, meaning to dig up. For a brief time in the 1880s the settlement was known as Cooper City or Cooperville. Nothing remains of the early structures, and the site is now often found on maps as Orodel or Orodell. (27-1N-71W)

Primos - Located four miles northeast of Lakewood, named after Primos, Pennsylvania. (34-1N-72W)

Puzzler - A small camp east of Ward, named after the Puzzler mine. Robert Duncan discovered this mine, rich in gold, in 1885. Two years later he established a mill site. In 1898, a post office was established to serve the 125 inhabitants, and the Switzerland Trail of America railroad extended their rail through the camp on its way to Ward. (13-1N-73W)

Rowena - The original 1877 post office application for this settlement of 81 people, asked for the name of Rockville. When a new application was submitted in 1892, the name Rowena was used, and the inhabitants numbered only 40. Located north of Gold Hill, on Left Hand Creek, it was the site of the Prussian mine. (6-1N-71W)

Salina - Established on 21 April 1874 by a surveying party from Salina, Kansas, led by Oliver Perry Hamilton. Almost five miles up Four Mile Canyon, many of the mining era homes, the 1885 schoolhouse, and the 1902 church still stand today along Gold Run Road. (18-1N-71W)

Springdale - Built around a natural spring, near Jamestown. The Seltzer House opened on the 4th of July 1875 and became quite popular as a health resort where people could relax and drink the Springdale Seltzer Natural Spring Water. The buildings suffered severe damage during a flood on 31 May 1894. (28-2N-71W)

Sugar Loaf - First known as South Sugar Loaf, this camp began to form in the 1870s. In 1895, South was dropped from its name. Now the location is often spelled as a single word, Sugarloaf. See Wall Street. (25-1N-72W)

Summerville - Settled in 1872 after the discovery of the Victoria mine by Alice and James W. Robinson. At that time, it was known as Victoria Camp. On 31 July 1877, 75-80 residents chose the name Summerville. Between Salina and Gold Hill, along Gold Run Road, many early cabins still stand. (13-1N-72W)

Sunset - In 1876, this camp was known as Pennsylvania (or simply Penn) Gulch. On October 3, 1883, the Herald reported that the post office name was changed to Sunset. It took about a year for the new name to catch on. A few historic cabins remain in this location, ten miles up Four Mile Canyon. (21-1N-72W)

Sunshine - Settled in 1873. On October 19, 1874, Nathan Hayden filed an application for a post office, and stated that there were two hundred residents in the camp. (8-1N-71W)

Wall Street - Henry Blake built the first cabin in this area in 1860, but it was not until the arrival of Gardner P. Wood that a settlement was established on Four Mile Creek. It was first called Sugar Loaf, named after the mountain that loomed above the camp. On April 14, 1877, one hundred residents in the area chose a new name for the camp, Delphi, but the name was not used in the newspapers or county directories. During a post office location dispute in 1891, the people living on Four Mile Creek kept the Sugar Loaf name, while the families near the mountain's peak used South Sugar Loaf. In 1895, the creekside camp finally proclaimed its name to be Delphi, allowing the mountaintop camp to drop "South" from its name. In 1897, Charles W. Caryl changed the name to Wall Street. The camp name is often spelled as a single word, Wallstreet. Many mining cabins, the assay office, and the foundation of the big mill remain at this camp six miles up Four Mile Canyon. (19-1N-71W)

Ward - Settled by Calvin W. Ward in 1860. Altitude: 9,450 feet. The arrival of the narrow gauge railroad at Ward was celebrated on 28 June 1898. Much of the town was destroyed by fire on 23 January 1900, but was rebuilt. The town endures today with a post office, general store, and restaurants. (1-1N-73W)

Williamsburg - A settlement south of Ward. Boulder County News 18 February 1876: "In the fall of 1872, Bolus Mitchell and George Williams, well known prospectors, had blossom samples assayed at the area now known as the Washington Avenue mine at Williamsburg. The new camp was the excitement of the season." (30-1N-72W)

Crisman Families

George Amicone and Marie Amicone
Daniel C. Anderson and Eliza A. Gray Anderson
Jean F. B. Ardourel and Rosine Manen Ardourel
Joseph Bartetto and Catherine Betasso Bartetto
Stephen Betasso and Mary Pastore Betasso
Wilhelm Breucker and Phillipina Breucker
"Aunt” Clara Brown
Gunther Carlberg and Caroline Carlberg
Gustav Adolphus Carlson and Anna Johnson Carlson
Armand Chatelaine
Abraham Simpson Coan and Helen C. Mason Coan
Alonzo Coan and Marietta Ella Lancaster Coan
Pierre Connoy
William Henry Cook and Cornelia Cook
Obediah Crisman
Charles B. Culbertson
Martin J. Cummerford
Charles Davis and Mary Griffin Davis
Col. Samuel Dick
John Dupuy
Dr. Samuel A. Elliott and Louisanna Elliott
Welcome A. Farnsworth and Katherine Farnsworth
Thibraud Fleury and Marie J. Fleury
Theodore Fribourg and Eugene Fribourg
Andrew Friedman and Aline Ardourel Friedman
Howard Norman Fuller and Laura Hughes Fuller
William Gendill (aka Gentilo) and Rosaria Gendill
Arthur Garfield Goudge and May Ardourel Goudge
John Gourley
William Bruce Hayes
Calvin Heller and Thomas A. Heller
George E. Henderson and Elizabeth Henderson
Theodore Norman Jones and Olive S. Lewis Jones
James A. Kelley and S. Alice Slaughter Kelley
Louis Laffea and Hattie Murie Laffea
Palmer C. Loveland and Dora L. Jones Loveland
Francois Lyonette
Edward J. McCormick and Carrie Foster McCormick
William E. McKnight and Dorothea Matilda Spangler McKnight
Dexter R. McGaffey and Carrie McGaffey
Thomas R. Mann
G. Baptiste Mercoeur
Frank C. Messinger
Theodore Michaut
Charles Mohr and Addie Denham Mohr
Andre Morel and Elizabeth Chatelaine Morel
Domenico Orcine and Antonia Galconia Orcine
Dominic Pastore and Louisa Pastore
Marcello Pastore
Herbert H. Perkins
Thomas D. Potter and Annie Laurie Wood Potter
Fred Richardson and Lillie Bishop Richardson
John Romarine and Esther Colosacco Romarine
Orian Sparks and Louise Sparks
Reese Winfield Stephens and Margaret Stephens
William Grant Towne and Irma Ardourel Towne
John H. Vandercook and Helen M. Vandercook
George R. Williamson and Erie Kuester Williamson
Nathan C. Worrall and Melinda Bates Worrall
George W. Woy and Charlotte H. Mellette Woy

Copper Rock Families

William J. "Duffy" Beihl
William E. Binder and Margaret N. Lessley Binder
Louis C. Chopin
Jasper P. Coffey and Lillian H. Smith Coffey
John S. Colby
R. F. Copes and Jane H. Lessley Petzke Copes
Oria P. Ferrell and Mary E. Whipple Ferrell
William H. Freese and Lilla M. Freese
George Wiggen Giggey and Julia Ann Smith Giggey
James C. Henderson & Katie McKissor Henderson
William A. Jump and Elizabeth A. Chambers Jump
Abraham Kent
George W. Kent and Margaret Bertha Petzke Kent
Eugene Lessley and Ella M. Lessley
Adam Melville and Christina Matheson Melville
John C. Ruffner and Nina Ruffner
Samuel B. Schultz
Thomas J. Shelton and Blanche Rutherford Shelton
John Henry Wessel and Minnie K. Smidt Wessel

Langdell & Poorman Families

Charles W. “Chester” Knox and Ruth Bradway Knox
John Langdell and Lucy B. Langdell
William C. Minger and Clara F. Langdell Minger
B. E. “Ed” Rhodes
John J. Ritchey

Orodelfan Families

Alfred Beach and Rebecca Henderson Beach
Mary M. Beach
John W. Bingham and Olive M. Beach Bingham
Timothy W. Blanchard & Mary Vernatti Blanchard
Joseph C. Cooper
Elias Courtney
William J. Eaton and Delilah H. Eaton
Thomas P. Gallup and Abbie T. Gallup
Serene Goodro and Sarah J. Herrick Goodro
Jacob Oliver Hays
George W. Horton and Laura C. Hull June Horton
Frederick A. Hunt and Eliza B. Hunt
William Laffea and Mary M. Laffea
John W. Ripley and Mary G. Ripley
Abel Sherman and Matilda Frances Eaton Sherman
Lane Solander and Serena Loring Solander
George B. Stinchfield & Sarah Olstead Stinchfield
Wilbert B. Teters & Margaret Stotesbury Teters

Salina Families

John Kessler Allen and Eliza Jane Jenkins Allen
Adolph Lucien Ardourel and Mabel Wood Ardourel
Edward George Bain and Jeanette McNair Bain
Nicholas D.Baron
James Bartlett and Lulu Wirick Bartlett
Johan F. Beckman and Hannah W. Zilmer Beckman
Giovanni Beneitone & Teresa Gastalde Beneitone
Addie M. Ransdell Benson
William Biebush and Grace Rose Biebush
Robert A. Bigger and Mary A. Bigger
Richard Brown and Edith Blamey Brown
Fred William Burger and Kathryn Mohr Burger
Henry Burger and Caroline Mohr Burger
Peter Burger and Melissa J. Goldman Austin Burger
Thomas K. Carmack and Matilda Maddox Carmack
John Perkins Clark and Elizabeth E. Roberts Clark
Charles F. Cobb and Edith Thiel Cobb
Charles N. Cooke and Ida M. Cooke
James Cowie
John J. Cullacott and Maria Collins Cullacott
Edwin P. Demmon & Virginia Thompson Demmon
William R. Demmon & Edith Goddard Demmon
Dona Domenico
Henry Dwyer and Ella Bluebaugh Dwyer
Cullen C. Eddy and Amelia F. Bishop Eddy
Frederick Hoyt Eldred and Sarah A. Eldred
George R. Felton and Inez Tucker Hemler Felton
Patrick J. Finleon and Jessie May Benson Finleon
Hiram Fullen and Eliza Jane Allen Fullen
Giovanni Garbella
Alexander L. Gravelle
Louis Guyaz
Fred Haldi and Nellie Erickson Tipton Haldi
Oliver Perry Hamilton
John James Harris and Martha E. Daring Harris
Nicholas R. Herivel and Adelaide Villrain Herivel
William Hicks
Lucius G. Hull and Sarah Louisa Swallow Hull
William Hult and Kate Robinson Hult
Moses Ingram
Richard Jackson and Sarah Jackson
Andrew M. Johnson & Christine Beorgeson Johnson
Andrew M. Johnson & Eva Johnston Johnson
Jonas Johnson and Hannah Gadd Johnson
Barney Joyce and Jennie House Joyce
William J. King and Mary Ann Knott King
Ole Larssen Kvam and Marie P. Kvam
William Lampshire & Addie Thompson Lampshire
William Bertram LeVeque and Anna I. LeVeque
John McCuen
Henry H. McDaniel
Nicholas J. Mayer and Caroline Hertwig Mayer
Henry Meyring and Caroline Sarah Sutton Meyring
John O. Miller and Maude S. Whitsett Miller
William Mitchell and Mary D. Highfield Mitchell
Henry Neikirk and Emily Virden Neikirk
Henry Granville Nicholls & Elizabeth Allen Nicholls
William H. Nicholson and Naomi E. Nicholson
Louis Olson
George G. Phillips and Annie Phillips
Frederick Pocock
George Henry Pomeroy and Katie Farnham Pomeroy
Nathan S. Pulliam and Frankie Rose Pulliam
Robert Jasper Reed and Ella J. Reed
Elizabeth Sutton Rose
Hal Sayr and Lizzie Dartt Sayre
Herman W. Schwartz & Eva Johnston Schwartz
Thomas Shires
Lowell H. Smith and Mary Schuessler Smith
William Wesley Snively and Emma M. Snively
Anton Solem
Louis Solem and Lillian Johnson Solem
Dennis F. Sullivan and Mary Pennock Sullivan
James H. Taylor and Rachel Taylor
Lewis G. Thomas and Katie D. Cobb Thomas
Henry C. Thompson & Margaret Johnson Thompson
Francis Denny Vane and Jane Menaul Vane
William H. H. Walker and Mary Stout Walker
Walker W. Weaver
Walter W.Weaver
William W. Weaver
Daniel Webb
Frederick White and Edith Ingram White
Asher W. Widdifield and A. Lena Brady Widdifield
Charles M. Williams and Addie G. McCall Williams
Andrew Wise
Jordan Green Wood and Amelia Cobb Wood

Sugar Loaf Families

Thomas B. Atteberry & Mary Chambers Atteberry
Ernest Wilhelm Backs & Magdeline Streit Backs
James Albion Bailey
Perry Baker & Margaret Baker
John B. Bales & Naomi A. Bales
Roger B. Bane & Mary Grimes Bane
Amelia J. Osborn Banks & Francis B. Banks
Eli Blais & Ada Francis "Frankie" Fish Blais
Charles W. Boche & Lenore Bonnell Boche
Charles E. Bonnel & Annie Bonnel
Zachariah Bradfield & Sarah Goff Combs Bradfield
Robert G. Bradley & Sarah A. Johns Magor Bradley
Felix Burdette & Susan Burdette
Owen Carlin & Annie Gillick Carlin
Henry Chapman & Elizabeth Ann Chapman
Ralph K. Cotton
John Coughlin & Ellen Tobin Coughlin
Samuel Craig & Elna Carolina Carlson Craig
Clifford C. Crane & Frances S. Crane
William H. Dalley & Elizabeth McGill Dalley
William H. Dalley & Mary L. Washburn Dalley
Samuel Davis & Susan Davis
Charles Henry Firth & Sarah Jane Baker Firth
George H Foyle
James W. Gaghagan & Irene Williams Gaghagan
William A. Gardner & Eva Harriet Gardner
Thomas F. Hendershot & Annie Sheridan Hendershot
Ira C. Hull & Cordelia Hull
Joseph Irwin & Jan Eleanor Bumbaugh Irwin
Job William Irwin & Hannah Renney Irwin
Thomas Irwin
Seymour Johnson
Charles Otis “Ode” Jones & Dora A. Perkins Jones
Hiram R. Jones & Louella M. Orvis Jones
George S. Kneeland & M. E. Kneeland
George E. Lake & Mary Hoag Lake
Joseph L. Lloyd & Elizabeth A. Lloyd
Charles M. McAllister & Mary A. McAllister
Ira T. McAllister & Lizzie Maxfield McAllister
George McDougal
Hugh McDougal
James McNally
Bolus Mitchell
William L. Niles & Addie Yockey Niles
Charles H. Oldham
Harrison F. Orvis & Susan A. McNitt Orvis
Col. Albert Osborn & Amelia M. Hull Osborn
Joel H. Peterson & Mary E. Carlin Peterson
James T. Phillips
Dr. Cyrus Swartley Poley & Catherine Watt Poley
Wallace G. Potter & Emma Jane Wilkins Potter
Joseph Rafter
Thomas L. Richardson & Lena Richardson
Henry Salsman & Jane Salsman
A. Hayes Scruggs and Eva Blanche Bailey Scruggs
William Sellers & Hannah A. Sellers
Rufus P. Sheridan & Annie C. Sheridan
Oscar L. Smallwood
Harlan Page Walker & Nancy Jane House Walker
H. E. Washburn & Margaret Livingston Washburn
Hiram L. Washburn & Florence Nichols Washburn
John F. Washburn & Cordelia Firth Washburn
Wm. B. Washburn & A. Maude Miller Washburn
Andrew P. Waterbury
Arthur R. Weaver & Vanetta Victoria Fuller Weaver
Wm. L. Whitesides & Elizabeth Vinton Whitesides
George W. Williams & Ida M. Orvis Williams
James H. Williams
Warren Bruce Williams & Maria Dalley Williams
George R. Williamson & Erie Ann Williamson
Samuel C. Williamson
Alfred “Doc” Yates & Sallie Whittenberg Yates
Alvin M. Yates & Ella Baker Yates
Charles Yates & Nancy Vance Yates
Isaiah Yates & Laura Elizabeth Pierce Yates
John M. Yates & Elizabeth Vance Yates
Joseph Yates & Loretta Trotter Yates
Lafayette Yates & Mollie Trotter Yates
Robert E. Yates
David Yockey & Mary L. Eaton McKinley Yockey
Fred Yockey
Levi Yockey & Iciminda Baumert Yockey

Summerville Families

Joseph L. Blackburn and Mary Jane Harding Burke Blackburn
George A. Blaisdell
Fred Henry Busse
Charles A. Davis and Mary Griffin Davis
David Evans and Nellie Beckwith Evans
Edwin David Goudge and Annie Bennett Goudge
George A. Hansbrough and Sarah A. Swallow Hansbrough
Ernest V. Hunt and Jennie Magnas Hunt
Louis R. Johnston and Helen Johnston
Harry S. Knight and Estella L. Kern Knight
John R. Luxon and Mary Luxon
Harry B. McClure and Ella M. Tudor McClure
Marion C. Nelson and Mary Louisa Sapp Nelson
Francis Marion Pickard and Catherine A. Roderick Pickard
John H. Pickel
Charles Edward Pughe and Mary Dorothy Davis Pughe
Thomas Reese and Elizabeth Pester Roderick Reese
James Lester Rinehart and Jennie Roderick Rinehart
William Roderick and Elizabeth Pester Roderick
Ebenezer Rowland and Mary Jane Ives Rowland
Will Sturdevant
Theodore Wiederhold and Matilda Deichman Wiederhold

Sunset Families

Charles C. Allebaugh and Emma Davis Allebaugh
William C. Austin and Lizzie McOuat Austin
Walter J. Barrett and Mary Elizabeth Beadler Barrett
John L. Bell and Florence Bell
John W. Brown
Oscar H. Chambers and Lucy H. Sherwin Chambers
William Henry Dickson and Jessie Mae Perkins Dickson
John Theodore Dunning and Finelia T. Plummer Dunning
Alexander L. Edmunds and Tena S. Vestney Edmunds
Harry E. Holt and Josephine Holt
James Hughes and Sarah Williams Jones Hughes
Stephen Jones and Alberta R. Easley Jones
William M. LaShell and Clara J. Shaw LaShell
Edward B. Lewis and Harriet H. Lewis
Junius R. Lewis (Golden Chest Mining Company)
Andrew Lind and Anna Larson Lind
Earl Frank Litzenburg and Edith Alice Mapes Litzenburg
Daniel Oscar Longenberger and Emma J. Longenberger
Bartholomew, Charles, James, and John McDonough
Thomas McIntosh and Lettie J. Sheets Higley McIntosh
Delia McMenamin
Swen August Monson
Alfred Perkins and Emma J. Gaylord Perkins
Asahel J. Severance and Martha W. Severance
Junius E. Severance and Dora B. Severance
John Peter Soderland and Eva C. Anderson Soderland
James Almeron Sperry and Clementina Edith Aiken Sperry
John Wesley Stockett and Anna M. Stockett
Otho Swearingen and Hazel M. Higley Swearingen
William C. Thompson

Wall Street Families

Thaddeus Adams and Nancy C. Williamson Adams
James E. Bailey and Gertrude F. Kable Bailey
Thomas S. Bailey and Jennie "Jane" M. Hoagland Bailey
Asa S. Baldwin and Julia Hammond Baldwin
Thomas Frank Balis and Bessie Harriman Balis
Dr. Richard Bard and Mary Scheury Bard
William Lewis Beach and Grace Greenwood McKay Beach
John R. Bennetts and Rebecca Bennetts
Henry Blake and Eliza A. Blake
Levi Sparks Bloomfield and Hilpah Younker Bloomfield
Lorenzo M. Bowman
William Bryant and Mary Jane Stacy Beachley Bryant
Frank Canfield and Nettie E. Shaw Canfield
Charles Willard Caryl and Elizabeth M. Caryl
Joseph Collie and Mary Bard Collie
Sidney J. Cook and Katherine L. Cook
S. John Dahlin and Christine Dahlin
Charles E. Dahlin
Oliver DeMotte and Ida Jane DeMotte
Oliver DeMotte and Mary Inez Perkins Coffin DeMotte
Martin W. Drennon
Samuel Eagleburger
Charles O. Erbaugh
John E. Greenawalt
William E. Greenawalt and Cora Cornell Greenawalt
R. C. "Chris" Grundmeier
J. J. "Joe" Grundmeier
Michael C. Guinan and Cecile Guinan
Mary Louise "Texas" Guinan
Elbert B. Hall
Calvin E. Hardin and Ruth A. Hardin
William L. Hubbard and Mary Elizabeth Stryker Hubbard
Richard Humphrey
George N. Johnston and Elizabeth Danford Johnston
Joseph G. Jondro and Emma Morgan Jondro
William A. Jump and Elizabeth A. Jump
Abraham Kent and Timothy B. Kent
George W. Kent and Margaret Bertha Petzke Kent
David Mann and Nellie L. Clarke Mann
John M. Mehollin and William K. Mehollin
Hubert A. Mitchell and Florence Hubbard Mitchell
Henry Monell and Sallie Foote Monell
Ira F. Monell
Leroy J. Morser and Olivia B. Morser
Charles Neeb and William A. Neeb
Ivers Phillips and Abigail Richardson Haines Phillips
Jesse Puddifoot and Mary Sullivan Puddifoot
Frederick W. Schulze and Emma Bais Schulze
Frederick R. Schulze and Nora Ray Schulze
Ulysses "Bud" Shaw and Ella Weger Shaw
William M. Shaw and Rosella Shaw
John Stilts
Fred Stanton Strawson and Luella C. Wood Strawson
Aaron Stromberg and Anna A. Swanson Stromberg
Charles Mason Sutherland and Estelle Styles Sutherland
Simon B. Sutherland and Harriet Belinda Hall Sutherland
Abraham Lincoln “Link” Teagarden and Nellie Teagarden
John A. Teagarden and Mary Olive Taylor Teagarden
William Tracy and Bessie Hubbard Tracy
William A. Upton and Bessie Upton
Charles Salomon Wahlstrom and Christine Dahlin Wahlstrom
Fred Wahlstrom
Johan Gustaf Wahlstrom and Maria Beckstrom Wahlstrom
Oscar Willhelm Wahlstrom and Esther Amelia Lund Wahlstrom
Henry Lewis Walter and Faith Dundas Walter
Fred M. Weger and Dora Shaw Weger
Frederick Wilken and Rose Shaw Wilken
Albert S. Wood and Minnie Hubbard Wood
Gardner P. Wood and Sarah T. Phillips Wood
Gardner P. Wood and Harriet Teagarden Wood
Frank P. Wood and Philena Adams Wood
Andrew Jackson Younker