01 April 2009

Crisman Families

George Amicone and Marie Amicone
Daniel C. Anderson and Eliza A. Gray Anderson
Jean F. B. Ardourel and Rosine Manen Ardourel
Joseph Bartetto and Catherine Betasso Bartetto
Stephen Betasso and Mary Pastore Betasso
Wilhelm Breucker and Phillipina Breucker
"Aunt” Clara Brown
Gunther Carlberg and Caroline Carlberg
Gustav Adolphus Carlson and Anna Johnson Carlson
Armand Chatelaine
Abraham Simpson Coan and Helen C. Mason Coan
Alonzo Coan and Marietta Ella Lancaster Coan
Pierre Connoy
William Henry Cook and Cornelia Cook
Obediah Crisman
Charles B. Culbertson
Martin J. Cummerford
Charles Davis and Mary Griffin Davis
Col. Samuel Dick
John Dupuy
Dr. Samuel A. Elliott and Louisanna Elliott
Welcome A. Farnsworth and Katherine Farnsworth
Thibraud Fleury and Marie J. Fleury
Theodore Fribourg and Eugene Fribourg
Andrew Friedman and Aline Ardourel Friedman
Howard Norman Fuller and Laura Hughes Fuller
William Gendill (aka Gentilo) and Rosaria Gendill
Arthur Garfield Goudge and May Ardourel Goudge
John Gourley
William Bruce Hayes
Calvin Heller and Thomas A. Heller
George E. Henderson and Elizabeth Henderson
Theodore Norman Jones and Olive S. Lewis Jones
James A. Kelley and S. Alice Slaughter Kelley
Louis Laffea and Hattie Murie Laffea
Palmer C. Loveland and Dora L. Jones Loveland
Francois Lyonette
Edward J. McCormick and Carrie Foster McCormick
William E. McKnight and Dorothea Matilda Spangler McKnight
Dexter R. McGaffey and Carrie McGaffey
Thomas R. Mann
G. Baptiste Mercoeur
Frank C. Messinger
Theodore Michaut
Charles Mohr and Addie Denham Mohr
Andre Morel and Elizabeth Chatelaine Morel
Domenico Orcine and Antonia Galconia Orcine
Dominic Pastore and Louisa Pastore
Marcello Pastore
Herbert H. Perkins
Thomas D. Potter and Annie Laurie Wood Potter
Fred Richardson and Lillie Bishop Richardson
John Romarine and Esther Colosacco Romarine
Orian Sparks and Louise Sparks
Reese Winfield Stephens and Margaret Stephens
William Grant Towne and Irma Ardourel Towne
John H. Vandercook and Helen M. Vandercook
George R. Williamson and Erie Kuester Williamson
Nathan C. Worrall and Melinda Bates Worrall
George W. Woy and Charlotte H. Mellette Woy