01 April 2009

Copper Rock Families

William J. "Duffy" Beihl
William E. Binder and Margaret N. Lessley Binder
Louis C. Chopin
Jasper P. Coffey and Lillian H. Smith Coffey
John S. Colby
R. F. Copes and Jane H. Lessley Petzke Copes
Oria P. Ferrell and Mary E. Whipple Ferrell
William H. Freese and Lilla M. Freese
George Wiggen Giggey and Julia Ann Smith Giggey
James C. Henderson & Katie McKissor Henderson
William A. Jump and Elizabeth A. Chambers Jump
Abraham Kent
George W. Kent and Margaret Bertha Petzke Kent
Eugene Lessley and Ella M. Lessley
Adam Melville and Christina Matheson Melville
John C. Ruffner and Nina Ruffner
Samuel B. Schultz
Thomas J. Shelton and Blanche Rutherford Shelton
John Henry Wessel and Minnie K. Smidt Wessel