01 April 2009

Wall Street Families

Thaddeus Adams and Nancy C. Williamson Adams
James E. Bailey and Gertrude F. Kable Bailey
Thomas S. Bailey and Jennie "Jane" M. Hoagland Bailey
Asa S. Baldwin and Julia Hammond Baldwin
Thomas Frank Balis and Bessie Harriman Balis
Dr. Richard Bard and Mary Scheury Bard
William Lewis Beach and Grace Greenwood McKay Beach
John R. Bennetts and Rebecca Bennetts
Henry Blake and Eliza A. Blake
Levi Sparks Bloomfield and Hilpah Younker Bloomfield
Lorenzo M. Bowman
William Bryant and Mary Jane Stacy Beachley Bryant
Frank Canfield and Nettie E. Shaw Canfield
Charles Willard Caryl and Elizabeth M. Caryl
Joseph Collie and Mary Bard Collie
Sidney J. Cook and Katherine L. Cook
S. John Dahlin and Christine Dahlin
Charles E. Dahlin
Oliver DeMotte and Ida Jane DeMotte
Oliver DeMotte and Mary Inez Perkins Coffin DeMotte
Martin W. Drennon
Samuel Eagleburger
Charles O. Erbaugh
John E. Greenawalt
William E. Greenawalt and Cora Cornell Greenawalt
R. C. "Chris" Grundmeier
J. J. "Joe" Grundmeier
Michael C. Guinan and Cecile Guinan
Mary Louise "Texas" Guinan
Elbert B. Hall
Calvin E. Hardin and Ruth A. Hardin
William L. Hubbard and Mary Elizabeth Stryker Hubbard
Richard Humphrey
George N. Johnston and Elizabeth Danford Johnston
Joseph G. Jondro and Emma Morgan Jondro
William A. Jump and Elizabeth A. Jump
Abraham Kent and Timothy B. Kent
George W. Kent and Margaret Bertha Petzke Kent
David Mann and Nellie L. Clarke Mann
John M. Mehollin and William K. Mehollin
Hubert A. Mitchell and Florence Hubbard Mitchell
Henry Monell and Sallie Foote Monell
Ira F. Monell
Leroy J. Morser and Olivia B. Morser
Charles Neeb and William A. Neeb
Ivers Phillips and Abigail Richardson Haines Phillips
Jesse Puddifoot and Mary Sullivan Puddifoot
Frederick W. Schulze and Emma Bais Schulze
Frederick R. Schulze and Nora Ray Schulze
Ulysses "Bud" Shaw and Ella Weger Shaw
William M. Shaw and Rosella Shaw
John Stilts
Fred Stanton Strawson and Luella C. Wood Strawson
Aaron Stromberg and Anna A. Swanson Stromberg
Charles Mason Sutherland and Estelle Styles Sutherland
Simon B. Sutherland and Harriet Belinda Hall Sutherland
Abraham Lincoln “Link” Teagarden and Nellie Teagarden
John A. Teagarden and Mary Olive Taylor Teagarden
William Tracy and Bessie Hubbard Tracy
William A. Upton and Bessie Upton
Charles Salomon Wahlstrom and Christine Dahlin Wahlstrom
Fred Wahlstrom
Johan Gustaf Wahlstrom and Maria Beckstrom Wahlstrom
Oscar Willhelm Wahlstrom and Esther Amelia Lund Wahlstrom
Henry Lewis Walter and Faith Dundas Walter
Fred M. Weger and Dora Shaw Weger
Frederick Wilken and Rose Shaw Wilken
Albert S. Wood and Minnie Hubbard Wood
Gardner P. Wood and Sarah T. Phillips Wood
Gardner P. Wood and Harriet Teagarden Wood
Frank P. Wood and Philena Adams Wood
Andrew Jackson Younker