01 April 2009

Sunset Families

Charles C. Allebaugh and Emma Davis Allebaugh
William C. Austin and Lizzie McOuat Austin
Walter J. Barrett and Mary Elizabeth Beadler Barrett
John L. Bell and Florence Bell
John W. Brown
Oscar H. Chambers and Lucy H. Sherwin Chambers
William Henry Dickson and Jessie Mae Perkins Dickson
John Theodore Dunning and Finelia T. Plummer Dunning
Alexander L. Edmunds and Tena S. Vestney Edmunds
Harry E. Holt and Josephine Holt
James Hughes and Sarah Williams Jones Hughes
Stephen Jones and Alberta R. Easley Jones
William M. LaShell and Clara J. Shaw LaShell
Edward B. Lewis and Harriet H. Lewis
Junius R. Lewis (Golden Chest Mining Company)
Andrew Lind and Anna Larson Lind
Earl Frank Litzenburg and Edith Alice Mapes Litzenburg
Daniel Oscar Longenberger and Emma J. Longenberger
Bartholomew, Charles, James, and John McDonough
Thomas McIntosh and Lettie J. Sheets Higley McIntosh
Delia McMenamin
Swen August Monson
Alfred Perkins and Emma J. Gaylord Perkins
Asahel J. Severance and Martha W. Severance
Junius E. Severance and Dora B. Severance
John Peter Soderland and Eva C. Anderson Soderland
James Almeron Sperry and Clementina Edith Aiken Sperry
John Wesley Stockett and Anna M. Stockett
Otho Swearingen and Hazel M. Higley Swearingen
William C. Thompson